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Madigan Technologies and Farms is a small local business proudly owned and operated by Dylan Madigan (myself) and Ryan Madigan from Center Moriches, New York, United States of America.

I worked many years in I.T. for a fairly large financial organization. After leaving that I looked for other jobs in the field, but none of them felt like something I really wanted to do. I want to do work that I can be proud of, something I could be proud to have my name on, not just work for a paycheck. Eventually I decided that just like my father, I'll try starting my own business.

Ryan grew up helping me fix, modify, and tinker around with systems. He is now top of his class in school as he works on getting Comptia and Microsoft certified, just as I am.

We provide various professional I.T. services to our area, primarily focusing on providing and maintaining both residential and small business computer systems and networks.

In our current state, we primarily sell PCs, diagnose and troubleshoot PCs and networks, and provide I.T. management services for a few small businesses. So far all our customers have been satisfied, and we plan to keep it that way.

Our official hours are Monday-Friday 9-5. We'll answer calls outside that window when possible, but can not yet guarentee support outside these hours.

Dylan Madigan (left) and Ryan Madigan (right) working on a wireless internet link to a nearby landscaping facility.