Commercial Business

I.T. Solutions for Your Small Business

We offer a variety of I.T. support for small businesses. New computers, existing computer maintenance/repairs, network management, radio communications, and more!

Feel free to call and ask us about specific services, as not all are listed on our site yet.

Below is a summary of services your small business may be interested in, but most services will be found in the navigation bar up top.

  • Current Max Size: 20 Stations
  • Area: Southern Brookhaven Town

As time goes on and we grow, we will support larger companies and a larger area. We are careful not to take on more then we can handle, as to be sure to provide services to all our current customers.

  • Computers
  • Networks (Incl. WiFi)
  • Servers & Hosting
  • Radio Communications
  • Other Tech

All around support and services for computers.

  • New Stations (Without the bloatware, built to last)
  • Repairs (Physical Failures, Software Malfunctions)
  • Application Support (With many but not all programs, including Office)
  • Maintenance (Malware Removal, Tune Ups, Cleaning, etc.)
  • Upgrades

The core of your data infrastructure should be reliable, secure, and organized.

  • New Equipment
  • Used Enterprise Equipment
  • Repairs (Physical Failures, Software Malfunctions)
  • Organization (The first step to correcting an issue is finding it, time is valuable)
  • Maintenance (Security Fixes, Physical Cleaning, etc.)
  • Upgrades (Higher Bandwidth, Enhanced Security, Greater Wireless Range, etc.)
Servers and Hosting

Applications host or file share, on site or off site, tell us about your specific required services and we'll get you going!

  • Equipment Management
  • On or Off Site (Hosted on your server, or on ours)
  • Applications (including games as well), Websites, File Storage, and More!
  • Backups (Because data can be lost in the blink of an eye)
Radio Communications

At this time, we offer short range radio communications (less than a few miles) which can be an absolute game changer on job sites.

Ditch yelling across a noisy jobsite or running around looking for someone. Key up. Press a button and everyone can hear you ask for someone specific, or your announcement to everybody.

Even if talking to one specific employee, very often we find that everyone hearing what is going on can be beneficial. It keeps everybody on the same page.

  • New Equipment
  • Programming (Not available for all brands)
  • Licensing (Through FIT)
Other Tech

Feel free to ask about anything we haven't yet listed, such as:

  • Printers
  • Sound Systems
  • Displays
  • RFID & Keypad Access